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New Vogue


New Vogue was founded around the 1930s and 40's.  It is a choreographed sequence dance based on Modern Ballroom technique.  Len Hourigan of Brisbane coined the term "New Vogue".  It has many open positions which makes it attractive to watch, like the English Old Time but unlike Standard Ballroom dancing in which observers see only the backs of couples.

Australian New Vogue dances are sequence dances for couples.  Every couple on the dance floor performs the same steps at the same time which makes it relatively easy to learn as a beginner.  The musical phrasing usually has 8, 16 or 32 bar sequences.  New Vogue dances are choreographed to all dance rhythms such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, March, Cha Cha and Jive.

Some of the more popular dances in New Vogue are:


Parma Waltz

Gypsy Tap

Evening Three Step


La Bomba

Carousel    ............. and many more.  

Join us for a great night of New Vogue, see our classes page for details.





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Last modified: 18/04/2013